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We handle and transport goods in all countries of the European Union. Join the best companies and take advantage of us.

Guarantee and safety of our services

The transport and forwarding company PL-TransGlob was established in 2002. Many years on the market have allowed us to gain extensive experience in domestic and international transport. We handle and transport goods in all countries of the European Union, however, most often our vehicles drive through the country as well as through AT, DE, NL, B, BG, SLO, HR, CZ, SK, HU, RO, LT, LV, EST. We specialize in the refrigerated transport. We have a fleet of vehicles of the VOLVO brand with EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards. The fact that we are a family-owned company means that we have a more flexible approach to the customer and can react more quickly to solve an urgent problem. Moreover, we are a company that is constantly developing and expanding its fleet. Every year we launch new refrigerated units. We cooperate with many transport companies, which helps us carry out the orders entrusted to us. We guarantee to our business partners professionalism, comprehensive transport service and reliability of the services provided. We trust our drivers. Their experience and qualifications make us feel confident that your order will be executed.

Permits, certificates, insurance

Our company is in possession of a full set of documents confirming the legality and professionalism of the transport services we provide. See, among others, licenses for national and international transport and insurance packages.


PL-Transglob in numbers


Number of PL-TRANSGLOB trucks

65 000

Transports carried out

14,6 mln

Company's turnover

Refrigerated trucks of the Schmitz Cargobull and Krone brands

Our fleet consists of refrigerated trucks of the Schmitz Cargobull and Krone brands, which are used to transport goods at controlled temperatures from +30 to -30 degrees Celsius. C. They are also equipped with thermo-recorders with the possibility of printing.

Volvo tractors

We own Volvo tractors - all vehicles are equipped with satellite navigation, thanks to which we have full information about the vehicle. Using locating devices we fully control driving style of our drivers.

Experienced drivers, licences and insurance packages

Guarantee and safety of our services - we have a licence for domestic and international transport granted to our company together with the required financial security.